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Make More Money Now: Improve Your Sales Performance Through Tapping

Portland Oregon Tapping Workshop for Increased Sales Success and to Make More Money NOW!

This in person workshop will help you:

* Increase your confidence around sales and marketing
* Increase your revenue
* Clear any stuck emotions or blocks that are holding you back in your business
* Eliminate anxiety or fear around sales
* How to tap into your Sales Intelligence
* Turn your sales game into a money machine!

Tapping is an emotional healing technique that has been used for over five thousand years. 

Come to this 1 day workshop to learn Tapping and how it can breakthrough your financial ceiling, increase your sales performance, and help you to make more money. This is a healing modality that is profound, and simply magical, and a great tool to help you get bigger, better and incredible results in your sales process, business, and personal development. 

My method is based on my training in energy healing, the law of attraction along with my background in psychology. We set up this workshop to teach YOU how to use Tapping to get deep, easy, fast and life changing results. 

Register Here: Only $97.00