What our awesome clients have to say...

In over twenty years of intense therapy with some of New Yorks Leading therapists, spending at times over $450.00 a session I never experienced the level of healing I’ve experienced with Christi.
— Roya Yaghoobian NY.
Wow! BIG HEARTFELT THANKS! I am so taken with how you own your power and how you modeled it for us with unwavering love, clarity and confidence. After this weekend how can I NOT honor my body, my feelings and my purpose????? It would feel like a gross violation not just to myself but to the universe and creator of all that is.
— Diane Allen, Speaker. Bend OR.
Christi is pure magic! She was able to help me transform my anguish, sorry and grief into strength. I am so grateful to have met this fabulous woman!
— Zoe Solnantzin, CA
Christi told me to be open to miracles coming my way and within an hour of our session I booked two new clients! This was after a few weeks of not booking any...I highly recommend Christi!
— T.J. NY
In just over a year Christi Kendall helped me transform my life. Her work is priceless!
— Mandi Keiser CO
Because of her I earn significantly more money than I ever have before. Christi is an essential part of my success and I never want to be without her help.
— Brian K. McNeill Very Personal Sales Coach.NC.
Six months ago I was depressed, broke, working a dead end job that had toxic energy, and was so confused! After Christi’s program and 3 months later, I am working full time in my dream job, depression lifted, and am now living my dream! Looking back I am so glad I said YES to that journey with her. It saved my life and was perfect timing and the perfect recipe for my success!
— Fiona Rose Fitness Coach. CA.
The biggest issue I believe I’ve been helped with is loving myself and feeling present in my body
In the past, I felt invisible and apologetic. I can honestly say I haven’t felt that way since this program!
— Irene Cortez Nail Tech. Los Angeles, CA.
I have tried all sorts of healing modalities, and NEVER have I experienced such a profound awakening, healing and transformation as I have with her program. Thank you Christi!
— Fiona Rose, OR
Within two weeks of launching my business, I initiated accounts with the total value of nearly $80,000.00. I know that if it were not for Christi’s help, none of this would have happened. She saved my life, my dreams, and set me free.
— KD, ID.
Thank you for today...I can’t describe what it felt like even just being around you. I felt joy again...that excited feeling. Thank you again!
— R. NY.
Working with Christi has been the most meaningful, valuable and life-changing investment I have ever made in myself and my personal growth. Thank you Christi Kendall!!
— Natalie Paulson Relationship Coach. WA.
My gorgeous, beautiful coach, Christi Kendall literally changed my life. I wake up every day in feminine energy, which I was extremely unbalanced in before taking her program. I have become a great relationship coach because she helped me have a better relationship with myself. I have the pleasure of calling her my friend now. She is a light in darkness and a blessing on everyone that she comes in contact. Smoochies!!
— Lela Hightower, Marriage Maven. TX.
I went from about $2,000.00 a month to over $10,000.00 a month, I have more money in my savings account than I’ve had in the last 17 years. Christi is a money magnet!
— Tania Jedian CA
I am now CLEAR on my career path and working full time in the career of my dreams....after only 3 months!
— F. Ramus, CA.
I used your technique and it works! I have sold almost $1000 worth of personal training for Anytime Fitness, which blew my bosses away because that has never been done! I did it in my first month, and my regional manager sent a mass email out to all the trainers from our 8 club region and they all were super supportive and wowed!
— F. Rose. OR.
Working with Christi was a very powerful experience. I was able to open up and clear blockages and tear down emotional walls I had built up over the years. I am much more able to appreciate myself, love myself and be happy.
— China Smith aka The Peoples Champ. FL.