Around here we are passionate about Empowering Women who have tried everything, the coaching, the programs, the courses. They've done the inner work, yet they still feel frustrated, unable to move forward, and they just can't figure out what is holding them back in life and business. Christi specializes in supporting her clients to find the missing piece. She has a natural intuition to find the blocks and emotional barriers that hold women back and create frustration, and stagnation. She specializes in supporting her clients to make the inner transformation that creates outer wealth and success.

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21 Day Challenge

Do you have "mean girl syndrome"? This is what I refer to as negative self talk. Women are programed from early on to berate themselves with their inner dialogue. Join us in this 21 day challenge that will bring awareness to the inner "mean girl" and turn her into a Self Love Goddess!

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

3 Soulful Sales Tips

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Sometimes the process of "selling" can stop us in our tracks. Without sales we have no way of creating success in our business. Click here for our 3 Sales Tips: How to turn your sales process into a soulful, rich, and powerful experience for you and your potential clients, so you can make the big bucks and your clients feel honored.

Your Guide to Soulful Sales Confidence


Around here we believe in the power of VOICE. We believe women must use their voice for their own truth. Tidbits and Treasures is a blog where we talk about all the things that need to be said, we give a voice to topics that empower women so they can speak their own truth.

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