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Christi Kendall is a leader in developing innovative marketing strategies. She created the EQ Marketing Matrix, a unique approach that customizes marketing to match the emotional and behavioral patterns of potential clients, speeding up client acquisition and ensuring personalized connections for long-term business growth.

She also introduced EQ Based Branding, a strategy that builds trust, affinity, and familiarity with prospects well before any sales efforts, promoting sales as outcomes of real relationships rather than mere transactions. Christi's coaching practice is dedicated to helping clients surpass their goals, achieving and maintaining exceptional results in both their professional and personal lives.

Hello Lovely,

You've arrived here for a reason. In our beautiful, magical world where nothing is by chance. Around here we are passionate about transformation—whether it's redesigning your mindset, or growing your business. Our mission is to guide you through a journey of genuine connection and alignment, empowering you to emerge more confident and successful than ever before.

Our ethos, Love Wild, exists because there is no other way but to LOVE WILD! Love Wild, embodies the transformative journey we're on together. Love Wild not only embodies the beautiful wild hearts of women like you and I, it also embodies our shadows and our light, it embodies our desire for great big beautiful impact in the world. You are here to do GREAT THINGS.

PROFIT is the highest level transformation, it is the BIG BOLD STAND for TRANSFORMATION. Yet without an empowered bank account women are forced every day to give away their power. They give it away to men, to jobs they dread, stress, struggle...

It is extremly difficult do great things in this world from struggle and lack, and when a woman is empowered in her bank account she is LIMITLESS and she is UNSTOPPABLE!

We keep it real and spicy around here.

We work best together if you are naturally inclined towards healing and transformation but might struggle with self-worth and confidence in the business world. "Love Wild" promises to be a space where sensitive and powerful individuals can find the tools and support they need to flourish without conforming to restrictive norms.

Love Wild is more than a brand; it's a movement dedicated to empowering you to embrace every part of your journey, to find strength in your vulnerabilities, and to achieve great success. It's a testament to the transformative power of alignment, the depth of spirituality, and the confidence that blooms from true success.

Love Wild,

Christi Kendall

We are not aligned if...

I can not help you get rich quick!

For some reason, people equate “sell products on the Internet” to “get rich quick".

A business built on a solid foundation of systems will slowly and consistently grow. There are NO GET RICH QUICK programs around here.

I get it.

What if you have consistent revenue coming in every day …on auto pilot (this means your systems are set up and established and working FOR YOU).


And it takes work. Contrary to the popular belief "grace and ease", doesn't come magically from the sky without work. What Grace and Ease means is you do the work, you set up the systems, you learn the strategies, and you DON'T RESIST. The struggle comes from resistance.

Flow creates grace and ease.... systems and automation create flow and ease.

Gotta keep it real!

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly ten times more effort than you’re expecting, I’m not your gal.

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